Rethinking Cancer-The Book

Mrs. Sackman's experience taught her that the body has a strong ability to heal itself when given the right materials and conditions. This is a concept she was well qualified to advance.

From 1971 up until her death in 2008, she was at the helm of the Foundation for Advancement In Cancer Therapy (F.A.C.T.), an international nonprofit organization providing information and referrals to literally thousands of patients who were seeking a different direction from standard toxic protocols, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Over these 37 years Mrs. Sackman gained an enormous amount of knowledge from clinicians around the world, as well as from the feedback of a wide range of patients.

The book, Rethinking Cancer, covers all the aspects of a comprehensive program that can provide the body with the factors required for restoration and maintenance of optimum health.

This is not intended as a self treatment handbook. Guidance by experienced practitioners is vital, but understanding the logic of this approach is the first step.

Triumph Over Cancer - My Recipes For Recovery
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